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Election Corner.

Today in the Polls

Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ): 40% (97 seats)
Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ): 16% (20 seats)
Québec Solidaire (QS): 15% (7 seats)
Parti Québécois (PQ): 12% (1 seat)
Parti Conservateur du Québec (PCQ): 15% (0 seats)

* Poll information collected from

Electoral Announcements.

No new announcements today, in preparation for tomorrow’s debate.

Coalition Avenir Québec Logo.

Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ):

Enhancing the practice of hunting and fishing in Quebec

If re-elected, the Coalition Avenir Québec will fund three measures to enhance the practice of hunting and fishing in Quebec, a total investment of $26.8 million.

  • Reducing the price of sport fishing and small game hunting licenses by 50 percent for those 65 and older.
  • Supporting the development of walking trails for better access to the territory.
  • Create the Quebec Hunting and Fishing Showcase.
Parti Libéral du Québec/Quebec Liberal Party logo.

Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ):

$4 billion in additional school infrastructure under the QLP

In order to provide a safe and healthy environment for both students and staff, a Liberal government will invest an additional $4 billion in school infrastructure and in improving the air quality in its public schools.

Québec Solidaire logo.

Solidaire (QS):

Québec Solidaire will invest in car-sharing throughout Quebec 

The leader for Québec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, was in Jean-Talon to announce that a solidaire government will create an investment fund of $ 50 million to develop car-sharing services in all regions of Quebec.

  • Development of car-sharing services in all regions. 
  • Where car-sharing companies already exist, the government will support the improvement of existing services.
  • In the short term, car-sharing services will be deployed outside the major centers, where this type of service is not yet offered. 
  • In the medium term, a single application will make it possible to make reservations throughout Quebec.
  • A $50 million investment fund for the mandate.
Parti Québécois logo.

Québécois (PQ):

The Parti Québécois will tax the excess profits of oil companies 

  • The Parti Québécois denounces the excess profits made by Canadian oil companies, and is committed to taxing them by 25%.
  • Thus, approximately $1 billion will be returned to Quebecers, notably through the solidarity tax credit, which the Parti Québécois is committed to doubling.
  • The Parti Québécois will also set up a Quebec competition bureau.
Parti Conservateur du Québec logo.

Parti Conservateur du Québec (PCQ):

Over-regulation in Quebec: the Conservative Party of Quebec would hold a parliamentary commission on ATV, motorcycle and electric vehicle regulations

The parliamentary commission would analyze the cost/benefit ratio of regulations in order to eliminate those that are harmful without providing tangible benefits.

In Quebec, there are more than 400,000 registered off-road vehicle users and 410,000 snowmobilers with 150,000 registered snowmobiles.

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