British Columbia’s 2024 Speech from the Throne

On February 20th, 2024, the BC NDP formally opened the final session of the province’s 42nd Parliament through the delivery of the Lieutenant Governor’s Speech from the Throne.

About the Speech from the Throne

Surrounded by a day rich in ceremony and tradition, the Speech from the Throne details why the government is assembling the Legislative Assembly and outlines their broad goals for the coming legislative session. Once the Speech has been read, the MLAs have six sitting days to debate the government’s goals for the year ahead and vote on any proposed amendments.

The 2024 Speech Highlights – Affordability in Mind

According to the Speech, the Government will be introducing at least 20 new pieces of legislation that are aligned with the province’s top priorities, particularly relating to affordability, housing, healthcare, and public safety.

The key highlights include:

  • Delivering more homes for peopleby launching BC Builds, the next step in the Homes for People plan, which will leverage government-owned, public, and underused land, grant money, and low-cost financing to bring down construction costs and make more middle-class housing projects viable. Additionally, the Government will take new action to protect renters from bad-faith evictions and help first-time homebuyers.
  • Helping people and small businesses with coststhrough new measures coming in Budget 2024, while tackling the root causes that make life more expensive.
  • Strengthening public health careby continuing to attract more doctors and nurses, while investing new resources into cancer care, building upon the ten-year cancer plan, and long-term care for seniors.
  • Building an economy that works better for people by leveraging B.C.’s strength in natural resources, and training people for the good clean jobs of today and tomorrow.
  • Protecting B.C. from climate emergencieswith year-around wildfire-fighting resources and new actions to reduce pollution from big industrial emitters.
  • Keeping kids and communities safeby introducing new legislation to protect schools and kids from disruptive protests and to hold big social media companies accountable.

What to Watch

The Speech has come at a pivotal time for the BC NDP as we are just months ahead of the fall election date for the 43rd provincial parliament. With affordability top of mind for voters, the Speech and tomorrow’s (February 22nd) Budget 2024 will serve as the BC NDP’s pre-election platform and be key determinants for their prospective standings in political public opinion polls.

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