Government of Canada Releases its Digital Ambition Plan 2022

A short while ago, the federal government released the GC Digital Ambition, which serves as a framework for how the Government of Canada aims to enable and accelerate its digital aptitudes by providing modernized and accessible tools to support service delivery for all Canadians.

An overview

Developed by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, the GC Digital Ambition is in line with the Government of Canada Digital Standards and compliments the responsibilities of the Chief Information Officer of Canada. Acknowledging that Canadians have increased their digital interactions since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that the Government of Canada has faced challenges with digital modernization and aging IT systems, this forward-looking plan intends to provide solutions by implementing an outcome-focused, action-oriented, and enterprise-wide approach.

Specifically, the GC Digital Ambition aims to achieve four strategic themes over the next three years:

1. Excellence in technology and operation

Firstly, the government wants to accomplish excellence in technology and operations with a de-risked technical landscape that has modern, agile, and human-centred practices. This will be achieved through amplifying the efficiency and reliability of the entire government’s technological assets. In order to identify where the improvements should be directed and if any security risks are situated, the Office of the Chief Information Officer will perform a structural assessment of all technology inventories, properties, solutions, and best practices.

2. Digitally driven capabilities

Secondly, streamlined and trusted digitally driven capabilities that are supported by GC-wide data integration and management will be developed. A standardized approach to data and common solutions will be implemented across government in order to provide superlative digital government services. This effort for secure government-wide data amalgamation and management will be directed by the Chief Data Officer of Canada, who works within the Office of the Chief Information Officer.

3. Digital policies and strategies that are action-ready

Thirdly, the government aspires to establish a governing framework for digital policies and strategies that are action-ready and compatible with a modern, secure, and privacy-centric government. Efforts to modernize must be ongoing to emulate the continuously evolving digital landscape and use of cleaner technologies. To facilitate the substantial task of transforming and modernizing the government’s core services, the Deputy Minister Committee on Core Services will be engaged.

4. Premium digital talent

As the last strategic priority, the government wants to develop and attain premium digital talent across its workforce that is optimized, upskilled, and empowered. A government-wide digital-first cultural shift will occur that is supported by complimentary talent and funding. Avenues to bolster this digital-delivery workforce will be assessed and driven by the Office of the Chief Information Officer.

In closing

As a guiding document to advance Canada’s digital government over the next three years, the GC Digital Ambition will have an integrated and longstanding presence. Government departments will be required to develop their own digital plans that align with the GC Digital Ambition and are complimentary to their pre-established departmental mandates. The GC Digital Ambition will also be updated on an annual basis to reflect the ever-evolving digital priorities and findings detailed in an annual progress report.

All things considered, it is immediately clear that the Government of Canada’s demand for IT, cyber, and cloud services and products will immensely rise over the next three years. Now is the time for players in the technology industry to engage with the Government of Canada on how they can compliment and provide solutions to the GC Digital Ambition’s priorities and initiatives.

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