Foreign Interference Inquiry Uncovers New Information

This week, the Public Inquiry on Foreign Interference heard from the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, and staffers, among others. Making headlines this week were additional details on what exactly specific actors knew regarding the matter in 2019's nomination race and election in Don Valley North.

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What CSIS has come forward with so far includes allegations, which both it and the Prime Minister have pointed out repeatedly are not confirmed, including:
money sent from the Chinese government to an unnamed staff member, Chinese students being coerced into supporting a Liberal Candidate, and online activities directed by the Chinese government into influencing voters against the Conservative Party specifically. 

In the Prime Minister’s testimony, he stated that he was aware of some of the allegations surrounding foreign interference, but not all, and his office made the decision that the allegations did not warrant action being taken. 

The Prime Minister made special note of the original leaks which kickstarted the inquiry into the potential interference. The Prime Minister said that it was frustrating that the government had little ability to push back on what he described as “falsehoods” due to the classified nature of much of what they know. 

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