Government of British Columbia’s Spring Legislature Draws to a Close

On May 11th, 2023, the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia held its last parliamentary sitting day before entering into summer break.

An Overview

To conclude the spring legislative session, Premier Eby and the B.C. NDP highlighted a multitude of actions that the Government of British Columbia pursued throughout the sitting calendar – many of which were focused upon providing solutions to the issues deemed most pressing throughout the province, such as the cost of living, the housing crisis, the state of public health care, public safety concerns, and the clean economy.

In total, the Government of British Columbia passed 25 pieces of legislation during the spring session. Of the legislation passed, many did not receive Royal Assent until the final sitting day, such as the fiscally important Budget Measures Implementation Act 2023, the Pay Transparency Act – which is intended to effectively contribute to closing unjust gender pay gaps, and the Strata Property Amendment Act – which aims to increase the housing options available throughout the province.

Action Planning

In addition to this session’s passed legislation, the Government also introduced numerous action plans and strategies that were aligned with the direction of the British Columbia 2023 Throne Speech. Of the published plans, the much-awaited Homes for People Plan gained significant, yet divisive, traction due to the Government’s intention to provide necessary relief to the currently dire state of housing throughout the province – in which the pursued solutions will be anchored upon the principles of:

  • Building more homes faster;
  • Delivering better, more affordable homes;
  • Helping those with the greatest housing needs; and
  • Creating a housing market that is for people, not speculators.

StrongerBC: Future Ready Action Plan

Gaining likewise publicization to the Housing Plan was the published StrongerBC: Future Ready Action Plan, which continued to be celebrated by the Government throughout the session for its promise to help people engage in the province’s rapidly growing and innovating economy – a feat which will be accomplished through focusing on the following five pillars:

  • Making post-secondary education more affordable;
  • Helping people reskill to find in-demand jobs;
  • Breaking down barriers to the job economy;
  • Addressing Indigenous Peoples’ workforce priorities; and
  • Ensuring people new to British Columbia find a career in the field in which they are trained.

In Closing

Throughout the months that the Legislative Assembly is adjourned, we can expect the MLAs to be busy engaging with their communities and constituents. As for Premier Eby, his summer season has already been occupied attending to the aftermath of the recently released B.C. Housing audit and engaging with the Government of Canada on Bill C-48, which would amend the Criminal Code.

The British Columbia Legislative Assembly will resume sitting on Tuesday, October 3, 2023.

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