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We build teams with the right expertise to manage your unique issues and requirements and to act as extensions of your interests, from the development of the government relations plan through to implementation.

Expertise - Canadian Agriculture and Business
Agriculture in Canada
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Cannabis Sector
behavioural science
Behavioural Science
Canadian Government Aerospace
Canadian Aerospace
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Culture & Tourism
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Education in Canada
Energy and disruptive technology in Canada
Disruptive Technology
Economic Development in Canada
Economic Development
Canadian Employment and Social Services
Employment & Social Services
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Energy & Resources
Canadian Government Relations Icon
Government Relations
environmental support icon
Environmental Sector
government procurement icon
Government Procurement
financial services expertise icon
Financial Services
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Indigenous Affairs
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IT & Cyber Security
Mining and Natural Resources Icon
Mining and Natural Resources
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Municipal Affairs
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Non-Profit Sector
National Defence Avro Arrow Icon
National Defence
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Research and monitoring reporting
Research & Monitoring
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