Graham Looney

Ottawa | Tel: 613-235-0221 x 243 | Email Graham

Graham is a young professional living in Ottawa. He is experienced in project management, corporate finance, and public policy. Graham holds a Bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Victoria, and has unique experience as the former project manager of the University of Victoria Satellite Design Team, and as the Chairperson of Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian Space Society. Graham also currently serves on the board of directors for the Satellite Canada Innovation Network.

Graham has previously worked as a legislative assistant in the Canadian House of Commons, and currently works as a federally registered lobbyist and administrative assistant to the President of the Capital Hill Group, David Angus.

At the Capital Hill Group, Graham works closely with the president and senior consultants on a broad range of files, specializing in information technology and cybersecurity procurement, as well as defence and international development.


  • CoFounder, Satellite Canada Innovation Network
  • Legislative Assistant, Office of MP Bobby Morrisey, House of Commons   
  • Administrative Assistant, The Capital Hill Group
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