Government Procurement

The Government of Canada is one of the largest public buyers of goods and services in the country. It is estimated that the federal government spends approximately $16 billion on procurement each year. Beyond federal procurement opportunities, the provinces, territories, and municipalities each engage in their own programs.

Government procurement contracts are exceptional assets, but the application process can be challenging. Businesses pursuing contracts must navigate an ever-changing regulatory framework, growing departmental accountability and transparency requirements, and the need to integrate the interests of multiple affected departments. To be successful, vendors also need to engage both the bureaucratic and political levels of government. This can be daunting to those not accustomed to Government structure and operations.

Our knowledge of the procurement system and close relationships with government officials at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels allow us to adeptly navigate these challenges. When we come to the table, we bring more than a specific product or service: we come with a vision for the way forward.

CHG’s consultants have experience developing and implementing government procurement strategies in a variety of areas. Of particular prominence are:

  • Information technology (IT) procurement, including: software, hardware and services
  • Defence procurement
  • Healthcare
  • Digital solutions
  • Indigenous procurement and set-asides
  • Navigating the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) process

Our Experts

Dennis Burnside Consultant
David Angus Senior Partner
Julian Ringuelet Consultant
Kevin Tetreault Consultant
Ken Stewart Senior Consultant
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