Lobby Compliance

Lobbying and ethics rules have been tightening at all three levels of government. Over the last year, stricter rules and increased enforcement capacity have been enacted across the board, significantly impacting how business is done with government.

Lobbying and conflict of interest rules don’t just apply to consultant lobbyists. All employees of all organizations that communicate with government are subject to the rules. In many cases, responsibility for compliance falls directly on the organization’s most senior employee.

Risks for non-compliance include public disclosure of the investigation against your organization, time detracted from your activities, scarred relations with government, fines, legal fees, and potentially jail time for the most senior member of your business.

CHG offers practical advice, customized seminars, and evaluations of our clients’ government relations activities. Whether you need a brief refresher session, a complete training of staff, or a detailed assessment of your organization, our team has the experience and knowledge to help.

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