Aerospace Sector

Long one Central Canada’s main heavy industries, Aerospace can now count on supply chains and expertise across the country, from British Columbia to Manitoba and even the Atlantic Provinces. CHG has the experience and networks to help clients new and old tap into the wealth of opportunities created by this flourishing industry.

CHG's Expertise in Aerospace

The aerospace sector has a complex and competitive global market. In Canada, it is an important source of employment, productivity, research, economic development and trade. Yet intricate government programs and regulations, for both civilian and defence subdivisions of the aerospace field, have the potential to obstruct business operations.

CHG’s consultants have over 35 years of experience in the industry. Our knowledge enables us to skillfully navigate procurement processes, regulatory changes, legislative overhauls, and shifts in public opinion. We are prepared with expert advice, detailed and effective government relations and procurement strategies, and strong communications programs to help your aerospace business soar above the competition.

By way of example, CHG has assisted industry leaders in their pursuit of significant opportunities with government partners as well as with profile-raising and strategic positioning.

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