Canadian National Defence

The Canadian National Defence industry is complex and continuously adapting to protect the country against new threats and incorporate new technologies. Government and industry organizations must work together to ensure that we are ready for each decade's new challenges and opportunities.

CHG's Expertise in Defense

Capital Hill Group has over 30 years of experience facilitating strong public-private relationships. These benefit both parties by ensuring that Government has the best goods, services, and information while the industry thrives. 

We have developed short-term plans and long-term strategies for our diverse clientele. Our experience working with the Canadian National Defence sector spans decades. Our consultants have the knowledge and experience needed to provide crucial support to your defence organization. We have also organized industry events within the defence sector.

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Navigate complex procurement processes
  • Position itself to advise decision-makers
  • Monitor government and industry developments related to defence
  • Ensure that it takes advantage of all available opportunities in the sector
  • Connect you to other businesses with similar goals
  • Plan meaningful events that bring together industry leaders

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