Canadian Telecommunications

The Canadian telecommunications industry is growing throughout the country and is crucial for connecting people across our country's large land mass. Without it, interprovincial partnerships, businesses, and operations would struggle to complete their requisite tasks.

CHG's Expertise with Telecommunications

The Government consistently recognizes this importance, and federal, provincial, and local governments have programming that supports the Canadian telecommunications infrastructure, technological advancements, and innovation in the sector.

Capital Hill Group’s consultants are well-equipped to help our clients capitalize on these opportunities. We have over 30 years working in this sector, supporting a wide-range of clientele. 

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Improving access to government procurement
  • Assisting in the acquisition of funding
  • Monitoring the regulatory environment
  • Facilitating beneficial partnerships between industry and government
  • Positioning our clients? issues on the forefront of the government agenda
  • Navigating political, legislative, and regulatory processes

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