Culture and Tourism

The culture and tourism industries represent a wide variety of sectors, including film and video, broadcasting, music, publishing, performing arts, heritage institutions, and others. This sector significantly impacts the economy and the lives of Canadians.

The Capital Hill Group knows that culture and tourism are strongly intertwined. Yet, at the federal level, the two portfolios have long been separated between the Department of Innovation Science and Economic Development (tourism) and the Department of Canadian Heritage (culture). While provinces invest in their tourism industries to varying degrees, this separation means that many touristic and cultural organizations lose out on a lot of opportunities because they fall between the cracks.

How CHG Differs in Culture

According to the Canadian Government, the cultural industry in Canada represents approximately $54.6 billion of annual economic activity.

Canadian governments have a history of public expenditures in support of cultural industries and funding, or other forms of government assistance, is frequently available at all levels of government: federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal.

The federal government’s support for cultural industries is manifest in the seemingly endless supply of departments and agencies that work in Canada’s cultural sector. These include the Canada Council for the Arts, Ministry of Canadian Heritage, Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, and Telefilm Canada, among others. This is just at the federal level; each province and territory has its own cultural policy and associated ministries and agencies.

CHG’s consultants have over 30 years of experience in Canada’s cultural sector. Our knowledge and experience within the sector enables us to assist our clients with navigating the extensive array of government bodies that exist in Canada. Through discussions with our clients, we develop comprehensive, strategic, actionable plans that are informed by our extensive knowledge of the sector and deep understanding of government.

CHG maintains strong connections between both Federal Departments to foster a recognition of the cultural value inherent to tourism and to ensure that the touristic and economic merit of cultural organizations is well understood by decision-makers. CHG consultants also have strong relationships with the cultural and tourism ministries across the provinces.

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