Economic Development

Each government in Canada places an emphasis on the continued betterment of the area over which it presides. The focus is born out of responsibility to its citizens. While these governments may have elected officials with different visions of how to improve life for citizens, they generally seek to do this by focussing policy and funding in three areas of well-being - fiscal/economic, social or cultural.

Whether you and your organization are looking to enhance your presence in a given jurisdiction or are looking for assistance to expand and improve the well-being of a new jurisdiction, governments will be willing to explore opportunities alongside you.

How CHG Helps Economic Development

CHG’s consultants have vast experience dealing with Economic development divisions of governments at every level. We specialize in understanding how governments want to improve their jurisdictions through economic development and can work with you to create the synergy needed to make possible your growth through a myriad of means of government assistance.

Do you intend to apply for a particular envelope of funding? We bring to the table knowledge that will help you hone your message to any given government. Having seen the entire process surrounding government decision-making on funding allocation, we can set you on the correct path.

Are you interested in taking advantage of new locations strategic to your organization’s growth? Our experts will help make contact and provide advice to help you maximize your possibility of success.

Accessing opportunity is through government support is a never-ending race and we will help you get to the finish line.

Our Process

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