Education in Canada

The Capital Hill Group has experience work with institutions to promote education in canada. CHG helped to ensure they are at the forefront of the educational agenda.

CHG's Expertise in Education

Even though education in Canada is managed by the provinces and territories, there are opportunities at the federal level too. CHG’s consultants work with our clients to cover all levels and position our clients in the educational arena.

For over 30 years we have been successfully advancing the interests of our clients in the educational sector. We have secured funding for expansion and development, mobilized stakeholders to reach business development goals, and harnessed educational institutions’ knowledge in order to inform the policy development process.

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Positioning our clients as thought leaders so they are well-placed to share their expertise with government
  • Tracking the Government’s innovation plans and roles for educational institutions
  • Facilitating information sharing between research centres and government
  • Arranging events to build strong organizational profiles, mobilize stakeholders, and grow a support base on issues of concern
  • Building support for pilot projects and research funding
  • Introductions to potential partners in the business community
  • Monitoring for research, program funding, and changes to student assistance and international visa requirements

How can we help support your Organization working with Government?

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