Employment and Social Services

Across Canada, organizations exist to fill the space between government and citizens. This is neither more apparent nor necessary than it is in the case of those needing assistance to survive. Whether an individual is facing barriers to employment or someone with a particular disability requires assistance to live with dignity, a steady stream of not-for-profits and charities work tirelessly to lend a helping hand.

How CHG Differs in Social Services

In most cases, not-for-profits and charities are able to undertake their work with the disadvantaged with assistance from government funding. The available funds are often sparse and highly sought after, making competition – to simply do the right thing – fierce.

We at CHG recognize the significance of each and every type of employment and social service that Canadians with various barriers depend upon. We have vast experience assisting those external to government understand the enigma they are forced to approach for financial help. We will help you speak government’s language and convert your message to a format digestible by both politicians and officials.

  • Do you wish to increase your profile to ensure your service recipients are on government’s radar?
  • Would you like to renew your current agreement with government despite an election changing priorities?
  • Does current legislation render your ability to service individuals to the greatest extent?
  • Is talking to government a new and daunting part of your day-to-day?

If so, send us a note.

Our Process

How can we help support your Organization working with Government?

Looking to work or sell to government? Or want to stay up-to-date with all of the constant changes with government? Let's find some time to chat and see if we can help you reach your goals and desired outcomes.

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