Disruptive Technology

Change is an important and inevitable part of our everyday lives. The same goes for businesses. Industry disruption is often the result of the introduction of new technologies designed to modernize workforces, improve operational efficiencies, enhance employee engagement and enrich the customer experience. The government is not immune to disruption and therefore will have to eventually adapt as well. CHG consultants constantly see and have experienced first-hand disruption across many different sectors, including energy.

How CHG Differs in the Tech Sector

Whether your industry is bound by government regulations preventing the adoption of disruptive technologies or your organization has new, innovative technologies that, if adopted, can help the government adapt to the changing needs of its citizens, CHG will help you modernize your own approach to government advocacy so that you can achieve your business objectives.

Cloud, distributed energy resources, digital identity, ecommerce … and the list goes on.

Customer preferences are changing the way how industry and governments need to do business and CHG knows this.

Our consultants have extensive working knowledge and direct experience working in a wide range of sectors that have been heavily impacted by disruptive technologies and the road-blocks to adoption. You will not find a team that has a deeper understanding of the steps required to drive the attitudinal, situational and legal change that will be necessary for the creation of an environment that is ready to implement innovative technologies. 

No one wants to take time away from their busy schedules to meet with decision-makers only to be told that their idea or product is neat. What everyone wants is to engage with decision-makers and develop a working relationship that ultimately leads to growth of their business.

If government is your target or your hurdle, CHG will work with your team to ensure you have the keys to unlock doors and the tools to be successful.

Our Process

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