Energy and Natural Resources

The Energy and Natural Resources sector is a vital part of the Canadian Economy and is rapidly evolving.

CHG's Expertise in Energy & Natural Resources

The development of these resources is an opportunity for economic growth and job creation. CHG’s consultants have helped leaders in natural resource industries adapt to the sector’s changing environment and continue to do so.

Our experts can help navigate the federal environmental assessment and the regulatory review process that were established in the Responsible Resource Development Plan. We also develop relationships between business interests, key decision-makers, and stakeholders. In the past we have worked with large and small firms, provincial and territorial officials, and the leadership of affected First Nations to ensure efficient and responsible natural resource development.

We believe in a holistic approach to energy and natural resources, managing multiple dimensions simultaneously to prevent obstacles from derailing projects. The relationships we create between stakeholders ensure that our clients are in a strong position to move forward quickly when faced with challenges.

Our Expertise Includes:

Our joint knowledge of the sector and government processes effectively positions us to assist your industry in pursuing opportunities in this dynamic sector. Areas of expertise include:

  • Strategic advice and positioning
  • Advocacy and issues management
  • Coalition management
  • Research and analysis
  • Contact/outreach programs
  • Communications and media relations
  • Government intelligence and activity monitoring
  • Opportunities for business development and profile-raising

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