Environmental Sector

As governments differ on how to best protect our environment, one thing is certain: that environmental stewardship and tackling climate change will be paramount. Environmental issues and policies are enacted by all levels of government’s, municipal, provincial and federal. Your organization will need experts who are well versed in understanding, interpreting, and applying environmental regulations to your Government Relations strategy.

CHG's expertise in Environment

The Canadian environmental sector is impressively large, employing more Canadians than both the country’s aerospace and pharmaceutical sectors. In addition, Canadian policy-makers have placed a renewed emphasis on this sector with global public sentiment on environment and climate change continually increasing. These shifting dynamics are continuously creating new opportunities for industries operating in this arena.

However, the environmental sector is complex. Public policies related to the environment are present in numerous government agencies and departments as well as at the federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal levels. CHG’s consultants have the necessary experience to help companies navigate the wide range of relevant entities. We help our clients maintain a deep understanding of government policies and stakeholder attitudes related to the environment. Our consultants are ready to listen to your organization’s unique needs and create a plan to meet them.

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Guiding our clients through government processes, legislation, and regulation
  • Identifying Government funding opportunities and facilitating successful applications
  • Positioning our clients as thought leaders advising the Government
  • Facilitating Business-to-Business connections
  • Planning events to bring attention to environmental issues and build networks of like-minded stakeholders and decision-makers

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