CHG's consultants have extensive experience working with a variety of organizations: pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, industry associations, patient groups, health technology companies, and research institutions.

CHG's Expertise in Healthcare

Our vast network of contacts enables us to facilitate our clients’ effective and vibrant partnerships with government.

Our in-depth understanding of government and health in particular as well as experience in these contexts has led to success. Our most noteworthy achievements include securing research and development funding, building health infrastructure, assisting with public procurements, and promoting expertise to key decision-makers.

We offer a range of services that help achieve our clients’ goals. Depending on the specific objective, client, and context we combine strategies to create the plan that is most likely to succeed. 

Areas of Support

  • Engages with decision-makers to provide thought leadership on health issues
  • Assists in applications for government programs and funding
  • Provides procurement assistance
  • Creates support for pilot projects
  • Manages issues related to regulatory or legislative reform
  • Conducts research on relevant health topics

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