Indigenous Affairs

Our consultants have made progress with the Indigenous Affairs sector. For over 30 years, CHG has worked collaboratively with respected First Nations, Metis, and Inuit partners to produce positive results for these communities.

CHG's Expertise in Indigenous Affairs

CHG has a deep and enriched history of working hand-in-hand, in a good way, with Indigenous Nations, communities and partners. This includes chiefs and councils, administration staff, and other Indigenous leaders. CHG has also worked extensively with Indigenous-led businesses, not-for-profits, and organizations both localized and national in scope.

Our approach is to learn about your priorities, develop a strategic plan, and work together with you to achieve real, tangible results.  

We have led many projects with Indigenous groups to ensure that Title and Rights are protected, communities are Consulted and Accommodated, and that Indigenous-led initiatives to improve community outcomes are supported and not deterred by the government. Conversely, we also work with industry to ensure that businesses are carrying out their legal obligations, advancing reconciliation and fostering strong, positive, forward-thinking relationships with Indigenous partners.

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Rights, Title and Treaty-Based Issues
  • Community economic development
  • Consultations and Accommodations
  • Environmental management
  • Health care and social service delivery
  • Historic claims (land claims and other)
  • Cultural initiatives
  • Natural resource projects
  • Infrastructure investments
  • Tax exemption and financial services

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