Mining and Natural Resources

Here at CHG, we have extensive experience in working with mining, natural resources sector and achieving success on outcomes.

CHG has a deep and enriched history of working hand-in-hand with environmentally conscious, culturally sensitive, and heavily regulated clients, such as mining companies and other organizations within the natural resource sector. It is CHG’s mandate to help our clients realize their potential in achieving what may seem like the impossible. Our consultants are able to apply that experience to your organizational goals and to guide you and your project through the hurdles that are present when dealing with multiple stakeholders and arduous regulatory processes. We navigate those hurdles for you, so you do not have to.

Our consultants provide our clients the support they need to get their desired outcome.

How CHG Differs in Mining

Our consultants have a proven ability to quickly educate themselves on and socialize your organization’s goal(s) as well as any issues that stand in the way of success. We do this by connecting with your organization’s thought leadership, researching potential stakeholders and engaging them where appropriate, and reviewing technical materials, which inform both what and how we advise your company. This allows CHG consultants to act as an extension of your company and assists us with the delivery of a fact-based and effective plan.


Critical to CHG’s approach is highlighting, for each of the objectives and according to the specific jurisdiction, the role of government in helping to realize the tremendous economic and social benefits of the project, and the alignment of the project with the government’s agenda.


In addition, CHG has leading expertise supporting First Nation priorities in Canada. Working in good faith with First Nation partners in recent years, we have achieved major successes that advanced land claims, additions-to-reserve, economic development projects, successful engagement, consultation and accommodation processes, restoring First Nation jurisdiction, and delivering funding for infrastructure and social services on-reserve. CHG has achieved these successes working with Chiefs, Councils, Indigenous-owned businesses and national Indigenous organizations.

Our Philosophy

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better "

~ Albert Einstein

Our Process

How can we help support your Organization working with Government?

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