Health and pharmaceutical companies deliver critical, life-saving solutions for Canadians from every background and walk of life. However, the nature of these industries – and the unique nature of Canada’s publicly – funded health care system -means that companies in these industries must navigate complex and onerous public sector regulatory, funding, pricing, and purchasing environments. This often requires working across federal and multiple provincial jurisdictions simultaneously.

How CHG Differs in Pharma Support

At CHG, we help clients in the health and pharmaceutical industries navigate these complex processes, prioritize initiatives that will lead to success, and focus their efforts effectively and strategically on desired outcomes. We understand that successful outcomes for leaders in the health and pharmaceutical industries may require support or collaboration from government at every step of the process – from research and development, to clinical trials, registrations and approvals, pricing and listing decisions, and decisions on supply, distribution and purchasing.

We are leaders in providing hands-on support at every stage of the process, so that innovative leaders in the health and pharmaceutical industries can avoid getting lost in the complexities of government and focus their efforts on getting Canadians access to the life-altering products and treatments they need.

Having served major national and international clients within these industries for over 30 years – coupled with our extensive reach across federal and provincial jurisdictions and consultants who are specialized in supporting clients through regulatory and procurement processes – our firm is uniquely equipped to deliver outcomes for health and pharmaceutical clients.

Our Process

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