Information gathering

CHG offers our information gathering services to our clients as part of our monthly fees. However, CHG also provides information gathering services on a project-fee basis.

How CHG Differs in Information Gathering

Information is paramount when seeking a competitive edge, making a change, or when developing an appropriate narrative for your story. The Capital Hill Group’s information gathering services allow your organization to maintain discretion, professionalism, and compliance while seeking specific information related to your goals.

In addition to traditional research and monitoring efforts, our experienced team of consultants and researchers work collaboratively to maintain a wide network of information sources. Furthermore, our team has the experience and necessary connections to appropriately introduce your organization to niche specialists as required.

Recent Highlights

  • CITT Challenges
  • Procurement Intelligence
  • Political Intelligence
  • Access to Information and Privacy Requests
  • Parliamentary Questions
  • Executive Movements or Appointments

Our Process

Regardless of the task, CHG works with your team to understand your unique business or organizational goals, and develops the most appropriate information gathering strategy accordingly. 

Depending on the circumstances our process may involve direct inquiry with both public or private sector professionals, or professional advice regarding formal information requests such as Canadian Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Requests, Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) Challenges, or similar requests in subnational jurisdictions.

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