Intergovernmental support

At CHG, our consultants gained valuable experience from working on various files that required cooperation from multiple levels of governments. CHG consultants will use that experience to guide you and your project through the hurdles that are present when dealing with multiple jurisdictions. We navigate those hurdles for you, so you do not have to. Our consultants provide our clients the support they need to get their desired outcome.

How CHG Helps Businesses

Intergovernmental cooperation can be tricky at the best of times. Our consultants possess the necessary experience and knowledge through their time in government to get to the heart of the matter and get our clients the results they are looking for.

Whether it is navigating the different regulatory regimes from one jurisdiction to another to shifting through the personalities involved, our consultants’ comprehensive knowledge helps our clients reach the goals they set for us.

At CHG, we help our clients by presenting the benefits of a project or an initiative to all levels of government and work with the decision makers to achieve the desired results for our clients.

We use our experience to encourage cooperation between governments to get our clients the results they need.

Our Process

"Governing a great nation is like cooking a small fish - too much handling will spoil it."

~ Lao Tzu

How can we help support your Organization working with Government?

Looking to work or sell to government? Or want to stay up-to-date with all of the constant changes with government? Let's find some time to chat and see if we can help you reach your goals and desired outcomes.

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