Networking with government

Working with government is vital to business growth. To make networking work for the growth and development of your organization, you have to build sustainable relationships instead of just adding to your number of connections.

Building a strong network can help your organization reach its goals and grow into new markets. Let CHG help you grow your network and make connections with those who can help you grow.

How CHG Differs in Networking

Our consultants’ experience in both politics and the private sector brings many connections to current political staff on all levels of government across all political parties. It is imperative that your organization has contact with elected officials and their political staff to affect positive change. 

While department officials are tasked to elaborate policy initiatives, their direction comes from elected officials. Many decisions ultimately require Cabinet approval and it is pertinent that your organization has political buy-in. Our consultants take a dual approach working with both the political and departmental officials to support and advance initiatives.

Our Process

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