Anthony Matar


Montreal | Tel: 438-402-4911

Personal Philosophy

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

~ Wayne Gretzky

About Anthony

Anthony Matar will put his experience and connections gained working in politics at the federal level as a Policy advisor and at the provincial level as a Policy advisor to Minister Mulroney in Ontario. He also brings along a wide network of contacts he developed during his time managing campaigns at all three levels of government. He is well connected with elected officials in multiple cities and municipalities across Quebec.

As a government relations consultant, Anthony has worked with a wide range of clients, multinationals, small and medium businesses, as well as non-profits to put forward their priorities in front of political and bureaucratic staff. He will identify and strategically align your company’s interests with set government priorities.

His experience in the public and private sector allows him to best serve your company’s interests. He has developed a high-level set of skills in research, communications and relationship building for the past six years.

Completed a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and International Commerce, Anthony will use his knowledge to better understand and explain the benefits of his clients’ services and/or product to the government staff in charge of the files at hand.

Do not hesitate to reach out to Anthony if you need help with the ins and outs of Quebec provincial or municipal politics.

Career Highlights

  • Successfully managed the last municipal campaign in the borough of Saint-Laurent in Montreal. He got the borough Mayor elected, as well as 4 city councilors, one of them being the new leader of Montreal’s official opposition.
  • Policy advisor to Ontario’s Minister of Transportation and Francophone Affairs.
  • Policy advisor to a Quebec Member of Parliament.

Services Specialty

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Communication Management
Services - Canadian Policy and regulations
Policy &
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Lobbying &
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Areas of Expertise

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Let's Chat.

I am a professional who thinks to take care of the important details for you with vast experience as an advisor to decision makers, notably on communications, policy and issues management within the federal and the Ontario governments along with my numerous important contacts in the Quebec government.

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