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Personal Philosophy

Nothing is impossible only temporarily impassible.”

~ Lewis Caroll

About Clea Gigantes

Trusted Senior Advisor. Clea Gigantes career spans 3 decades in technology sector as subject matter expert across Enterprise, Crown Corp & SMB globally working with cross functional teams. She is a strategic thinker and collaborator, but she’s also a former developer who can also dig deep into the technical challenges. She advanced to operations, sales and solution services leadership roles in both the public and private sector. 

My expertise is Technology including emerging, higher learning, digital transformation, Marcom, Operations, Managed Services and Finance. Working with private, F-1000, Top Canadian public companies.

On a personal note, Clea grew up in Ottawa and France surrounded by politics and purpose, guided by her trailblazing mother Evelyn Gigantes, former MPP for Ottawa Centre, one of a handful of female ministers in the Bob Rae government. Evelyn was mentored by former UN ambassador Stephen Lewis and Ottawa’s former Mayor Marion Dewar. Evelyn mentored Paul Dewar Ottawa’s former mayor. As a Senator for Quebec for former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, her uncle Philippe Gigantes has been featured by CPAC as one of the builders of Canada. She has been honored with many awards, including Women in Technology (STEM), President’s Award, Customer Heroes, Collaboration Builder, as Influencer. 

Her father Terry Gigantes, was former Chief statistician and diplomat for Canada with the OECD and IMF. Clea is a champion for gender & LGBTQ diversity and human rights and is has an outstanding network of enterprising women. Her passion is being a bridge for people, active in diversity/Neuro diversity and inclusion panels and leadership, communities and helping clients with complex problems and mentors Computer Science and Engineering students. She has one daughter Mirah who graduated with honors in 2020 now living and working in California.


  • Bachelor’s Degree, Information Technology, University of Toronto, Ontario
  • Diploma, Applied Arts/Graphic Design – George Brown College


  • Six Sigma Brown belt. Intergenerational & DEI leadership, compliance, managed services, leadership, project management expertise, Hybrid private cloud, mentoring, business strategy, Agile methodologies, onboarding organizations, Emerging Technologies (AI, ML, Git, Container architecture, Cloud Hosting, Software Defined Networking), cybersecurity, digital platform strategy, Infrastructure automation. 
  • Enterprise applications, digital media, Cloud-based solutions (SaaS, CAAS,IaaS/PaaS). Data driven analytics. Agile practices, change management, digital adoption. 
  • OMNI Channel and Vendor management expertise. Procurement.  Professional Services, Mobility, Compliance. 
  • Certified Advanced digital applications, UX, social media and Marcom.  Led Telco’s Avaya, Bell and TELUS Enterprise portfolios. 
  • Supply Chain, procurement. Onboarding Tier 1, Agile, SaaS, Big Data, Security, IOT. 
  • Higher Education corporate & technology teaching, Executive presentations and events, Certified in Technical Sales methodologies. 
  • SQL, Cert Microsoft Server, APPLE Creative Pro , Adobe ACE Cert, and software workflows.
  •  Certified knowledge of and coaching capability of The Challenger Sale, SPIN, Landmark, Insights, CRM software process and systems such as, Hubspot etc.

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