David Dyer

Senior Consultant

Ottawa | Tel: 613-235-0221 x 236

About David D.

David Dyer is one of Ottawa’s leading experts in the history, fundamentals and modernization of Canada’s federal Copyright Act, and has counselled many leading entertainment associations involved in the production and distribution of various media, including music, movies, TV and books.

His subject matter expertise and knowledge of the regulatory process and of the industry itself continue to support his reputation as a highly effective champion and contributor to the always-evolving cultural environment in Canada.

Based in CHG’s Ottawa office, David is a 35-year veteran of government and government relations with experience in federal and provincial political arenas. His political background includes serving as Chief of Staff to federal ministers, and several senior roles that involved helping stakeholder groups with multiple and competing interests create frameworks to engage government more productively.

Today, David uses this expertise to help clients find common ground in the interests and priorities of the government and to adopt a collaborative approach to resolving differences and overcoming obstacles.

Career Highlights

  • Chief of Staff to the Minister of Industry
  • Chief of Staff to the Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs and the Minister Responsible for Canada Post Corporation
  • Special Assistant to the Minister of Federal-Provincial Relations
  • Executive Director, Federal Government Transition Team
  • Director of the Advertising and Management Group, Supply and Services Canada


  • Bachelor of Sociology, Queens University

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