Félix Lachance

Associate Consultant

Quebec City | Tel: 581-849-7804

Personal Philosophy

“Doing well is better than saying well.”

~ Quebec Proverb

About Félix

Félix is a young bilingual (English/French) professional with over two years of experience in government relations, politics and law. He is currently a student at the Quebec Bar. He graduated with a Bachelor of Laws and a Certificate in Political Science at Laval University in 2022. Félix worked for the victorious Coalition Avenir Québec campaigns in 2018 and 2022 and subsequently landed jobs as a constituency assistant and political attaché/researcher at the National Assembly. While in school, he was also elected to boards of directors of several university committees and community organizations.

Félix has also held law student positions in the community and municipal sector, having developed a working knowledge of the analysis of legislation and municipal regulations. The relationships that Félix acquired during his previous professional experiences are now put to good use for The Capital Hill Group’s clients.

Having gained experience in both politics and law, Félix has excellent political acumen, exercising his research and critical thinking to cater to the need of his clients. In his spare time, Felix enjoys playing soccer and reading.

Career Highlights

  • Constituency Assistant, National Assembly
  • Political Attaché/Researcher, National Assembly

Services Specialty

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Information Gathering
Services - Canadian Policy and regulations
Policy &
public relations icon
Public Relations
reputation management icon

Areas of Expertise

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Non-Profit Organizations
municipal affairs icon
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education icon

Let's Chat.

I am a professional who thinks to take care of the important details for you with vast experience as an advisor to decision makers, notably on communications, policy and issues management within the federal and the Ontario governments along with my numerous important contacts in the Quebec government.

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