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Ottawa | Tel: 613-266-4606

Personal Philosophy

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it’s the courage to continue that counts.”

~ Sir Winston Churchill

About Jonathan

Jonathan is an experienced public affairs professional and political advisor with a demonstrated history of achieving results with and for multiple levels of government.

At the Federal level, Jonathan proudly served the Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird, first as executive assistant, and later as Director of Operations, a role he continued under Minister Rob Nicholson. Jonathan cultivated international relationships and community outreach skills supporting these Ministers on their international missions. At a more local level, Jonathan liaised closely with the National Capital Commission and other stakeholders supporting Minister Baird’s regional mandate.

After leaving the public sector, Jonathan took on the exciting role of Manager of Inter-Governmental and Regulatory Affairs with Wasaya Airways, an Indigenous owned and operated airline servicing Northern Ontario. Jonathan provided timely advice and recommendations to the Board of Directors and CEO on emerging political issues, participated in medium and long-term strategic planning for the airline, and identified opportunities to capitalize government spending priorities.

An Alberta native, Jonathan has both a degree in political science from the University of Guelph, and a diploma in marketing from Algonquin College. He also holds a private pilot’s licence from the Carp Flying Academy.

Jonathan enjoys snowshoeing in the winter, fishing and hiking in the summer, and cherishes his most important job as father to a wonderful baby girl.

Career Highlights

  • Director of Operations to the Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Senior Special Assistant, Regional Affairs and Appointments to the Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Executive Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Manager of Inter-Governmental and Regulatory Affairs for Wasaya Airways
  • Manager of Inter-Governmental and Regulatory Affairs for Westwind Aviation

Services Specialty

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Research and monitoring reporting
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Canadian Funding Support
Funding Support
Services - Canadian Policy and regulations
Policy &
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Areas of Expertise

Canadian Government Aerospace
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Indigenous Issues
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Financial Services

Let's Chat.

If you are looking to gain a better understanding of how government’s make decisions and what the next decision government will make that will impact your organization I can help.  

Through comprehensive research into governmental operations and policies as well as through extensive government and political monitoring I keep my finger on the pulse of the decisions which will guide and navigate your operations.  Send me a text, IM, email or linkedin message or simply give me a call, lets see how I can help make government work for you and your venture. 

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