Maddy Stieva

Senior Consultant

Toronto | Tel: 416-979-1115 x 222

Personal Philosophy

“Everyone faces defeat. It may be a stepping-stone or a stumbling block, depending on the mental attitude with which it is faced.”

~ Napoleon Hill

About Maddy

Maddy has over a decade of experience as a political communication consultant and working in Government. She began her political career with NPO’s and grassroots organizations, volunteering for election campaigns at multiple levels of government in Canada. Following an internship in Ottawa, Maddy was hired as an Executive Assistant for then Federal Minister of State (Western Economic Diversification) and later served as the Minister’s Press Secretary.

Maddy also has international political experience, serving as the Party Press Secretary for Act New Zealand in their 2017 general election, and managed a by-election campaign for the Act  in February 2018. For over a decade, she has worked on campaigns at all levels of government across Canada and served a number of campaign roles, including campaign manager.

Provincially, Maddy recently served as Executive Assistant to the Principal Secretary to the Ontario Premier. She had been instrumental in staffing up the Ford Government and as such brings strong relationships across all Ministries and Members Offices to our Capital Hill Group clients.

Career Highlights

  • Assistant to the Principal Secretary for the Premier of Ontario
  • Press Secretary to the Minister of State (Western Economic Diversification)
  • Party Press Secretary for Act New Zealand

Services Specialty

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Areas of Expertise

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Let's Chat.

If you’re looking to build relationships and garner advocacy with different levels of governments or planning to expand communications and media presence, I’d be happy to chat over a coffee!