Noah Boks

Lead Research Analyst

About Noah

Noah is a young professional studying International Relations and Political Science in the University of Guelph’s Honors program. Noah has worked with and for members of both federal and provincial parliaments in his role as a constituency assistant and as campaign staff. His time in school has also included being elected to executive positions on multiple student government bodies. 

Noah’s private sector experience includes work in the Ontario floral industry, the Ontario grape and wine sector, as well as the field of residential construction. Alongside his private sector experience, Noah has worked for a local member of parliament handling constituency issues. From simple correspondence between the member and constituents, to working with government agencies at all levels to achieve results for concerned parties, Noah has accumulated a wealth of relationships and experience in his prior work that is now leveraged for the benefit of the clients of the Capital Hill Group. 

Having worked previously in a wide variety of fields, Noah prides himself on his ability to adapt to the needs and mindsets that are required in whatever he does. Whether it be talking to voters, communicating with parliamentarians, or simply assisting people trying to navigate the bureaucracy, Noah adapts with ease. On his own time, Noah enjoys reading books on history, politics, and philosophy and his special interests include areas of international relations, agriculture, defence and defence procurement, as well as robotics and artificial intelligence. 

Career Highlights

  • Constituency Assistant, Office of MP Dean Allison, House of Commons


  • Bachelor of Political Science and Government, University of Guelph

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