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Activities undertaken by governments at all levels impact our personal and professional lives in countless ways. A critical feature of the Canadian parliamentary system is our ability to engage in the political and policy process in meaningful ways to influence the direction and decisions of government.

Government relations (GR) is a specialized field in which political analysis and strategy come together to help organizations:

  • create and maintain positive relationships with government;
  • ensure government is aware of the role and benefits they provide to society and the economy;
  • contribute positively and constructively to the government’s agenda, and regulatory and decision-making processes; and
  • present new ideas on policy, partnership or investment opportunities that could produce important benefits for Canadians.

Whatever your ideas, interests or concerns, our team of GR professionals is ready to help your organization take a proactive role in creating the conditions necessary for you to succeed.

A considered and constructive way forward

Our approach is to understand where clients’ interests connect with the work of government, how they fit within the history and future direction of related files, and the stakeholder engagement required to see them through. In this way, we provide strategies for achieving government relations objectives that are as informed as they are effective.

Hands-on government relations

Our Senior Partners and Consultants work regularly with members of the public service and elected and non-elected officials from all political parties. We know how the parliamentary process works and provide actionable advice to clients at all points in their government relations strategy to help them navigate the system.

An extension of your management team

We begin every new client relationship with an intensive study of their industry, issues and objectives to ensure we provide relevant, timely information and advice concerning parliamentary activities impacting our clients’ areas of interest. This also enables us to act as extensions of our clients’ interests and move their issues forward without day-to-day guidance, when required.

Expertise that fits

We build teams of Senior Consultants with the right expertise to manage our clients’ issues and requirements. With offices in three cities and a network of partners throughout Canada, clients benefit from a consistent, nation-wide government relations strategy that delivers local expertise tailored to specific governments and regions.

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