Nova Scotia Budget 2023-24 Highlights

Nova Scotia 2023

Deputy Premier and Finance Minister Allan MacMaster delivered the 2023-24 provincial budget earlier this afternoon. Revenues are estimated at $14.2 billion and expenses at $14.4 billion, with a deficit estimation of $278.9 million once consolidated.

Saskatchewan Budget 2023-24 Highlights

Saskatchewan Budget 2023.

Deputy Premier and Finance Minister Donna Harpauer delivered the 2023-24 provincial budget earlier today. The government, led by Premier Scott Moe, predicts a budget surplus of $1billion on the heels of impressive economic outcomes and population growth.

Quebec Budget 2023-24 Highlights

Quebec Budget 2023

Today, Eric Girard revealed Québec’s 2023-2024 budget. His fifth budget as the province’s Finance Minister and first since last October’s election.

New Brunswick Budget 2023-24 Highlights

New Brunswick Budget 2023.

Finance Minister Ernie Steeves delivered the 2023-24 budget address today, 18 months ahead of an expected general election. Given the large surpluses in recent quarterly updates, the province was being urged to spend additional funds this year, and spending will increase by 5.2% overall, including 10.6 per cent increase in health spending.

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